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Organization Gene…

I have had the organization gene for as long as I can remember and while I’ve driven friends and family crazy with my need to have everything in order, I’ve also helped them organize their areas over the years. And now, I hope to pass the tips on to you… starting with my daily 15 minute rule.

Spending 15 minutes organizing one area or several small areas before you go to bed will save tons of time later in the week / month. Before the papers, clothes, dishes, etc. pile up, take 5 minutes to survey your apartment, dorm room, house and see what area needs the most attention. Then spend 10 minutes cleaning up, going through and sorting mail / bills / papers, etc. If you do this each night before you go to bed, before you know it, everything will have a place (where to put things will be a future topic) and then you can switch to maintenance mode — 15 minutes to tidy up all of the major areas and to keep everything organized and clutter free.