Halloween Treats

We made some Halloween treats and as I was getting out all of the ingredients I thought “there are some tips that can be shared here…”.

I keep my spices in alphabetical order for simplicity but another great idea can be found at Delicious Days — where the spices are put into matching tins and labeled according to everyday use, baking, herbs, or particular blends. And there are many other ideas… One thing I have found in common with many other sites is putting a date on the label (because of the “best when used before…”). I do this when I first bring them home from the store. I also keep track of the most often used spices and put them on the grocery list when they are at the halfway point (it’s no fun to run out when you have the rest of the ingredients for the recipe measured out already). For the less often used spices, I wait until there is ~1/3 of the container left.

Then for the baking utensils… I use an office supply store letter sorter to keep all of my baking sheets and tins (muffin, madeline, etc.) organized on the baking shelf. Putting the biggest and / or least used on the bottom and the baking sheets and cooling rack towards the top. When I want to pull out one baking sheet, I don’t have to pull out everything.

How do you organize your spices? Do you keep them in special containers? Do you have a special spot for all of your baking items?


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